The International Center for Hope & Charity

Our history

Non profit partnership the International center for Hope and Charity was created in June 2000. Since its foundation ICHC helped one of internoit schools of Izhevsk with food, clothes, school supplies and hygiene items for orphans. In 2001 such assistance was provided to 9 orphanages in Izhevsk, Udmurtia. The assistance consisted of New year presents, raising clothes for orphans among the citizens of Izhevsk, repairs of buildings. During the following years ICHC bought shower cabins, built children’s playgrounds and a banya in several orphanages. Today ICHC keeps in touch with 15 orphanages in Udmurtia.

Throughout years, ICHC staff understood that they needed to work on the personality of orphans as future citizens of Russia, future parents and adult people who should be able to separate good from evil and make the right choices in life. In addition, we understood we have to rebuild families that were destroyed by parents' chemical and alcohol addiction, as well as help children as objects of cruel treatment and abuse.

Thanks to lots of people, our faithful volunteers, many children felt sincere love and real care. In the frame of charitable projects that we realize at ICHC there are professional psychologists working with foster families or families that only think of receiving an orphan to their family. ICHC provides social, material and legal support to such families.

We realize we can not give a new family to every orphan. That is why we try to give them at least a little joy. Every year since 2000 ICHC organizes charitable Christmas performances for orphans and children of poor families. Every year about 1500 children come to see the performances and take part in it. Each of them gets a Christmas gift. These events are organized thanks to voluntary work and financial support of citizens of Izhevsk and our friends abroad. Especially for these charitable performances original music and script are created, as well as directions and decorations are made by best workers of theatre of Izhevsk. They are our volunteers too, and we appreciate their work so much!

From 2007 to 2012 a Club for handicapped children and their mothers worked at ICHC. Mothers had a self support group guided by a psychologist and volunteers, while a speech pathologist and a teacher worked with their handicapped children. Women were supposed to learn new methods of self and mutual support, as well as technics of effective communication with their partners and kids. During 2007–2009 the work of the Club was financed by National Charitable Fund, Moscow.

From the very foundation our main object was providing support to needy families that got into difficult life situation. Twice a week we have visiting days at ICHC when people can come and ask for help. We assist them with food, clothes and shoes, vitamins for kids and many other things. We also provide material help to refugees from Ukraine.

Apart from that, ICHC staff and volunteers work on several other projects. If you want to know more, you can click «Our Charitable Program» on the main page.