The International Center for Hope & Charity

Our workers

Galina Alieva, president:
I learn to love people and be merciful to those who needs mercy, from Christ. When our charitable Center was created in 2000 and I became its leader, it filled my life with a new meaning and opened many beautiful hearts of the people who work and serve with us.
Timour Rakhimov, fundraiser:
We need not to recompense our sins with good deeds, but to really help people - financially and any other way. We need to do our best to make people avoid sins in any situations - that will help us, ourselves, be better.
Lenura Alieva, senior social worker: 
Working at ICHC allows me to build good skill useful in life. I've been a volunteer here for several years, and during four years I have been working as a social worker. Working here means to be a part of a big team doing important things all together. We help those who need it, and it makes us all closer to each other.
Anna Alieva, translator:
I have worked in charity for more than 10 years. I began as a volunteer for work with orphans. I believe that people must be brothers to one another. And good that we do to others one day will certainly return back to us
Olga Dyadichenko, chief accountant:
Working at ICHC teaches me to appreciate what I have, to admire those who donate, and feel sorry for those who need compassion.