The International Center for Hope & Charity

Our projects

Our center works for the charity program "House, where love lives", which consists of 5 areas. Psychologists and volunteers help needy people cope with difficult situations.

To ask for help To become a volunteer

Giving a hand

To help needy and poor families or those people who are in difficult life situation

Future begins today

Cooperation with orphanages and internoit schools of Izhevsk

Help Mommy

Material and psychological assistance for women.

Christmas project

We know that a lot of orphans are deprived of many big and little joys of family life. So we want to give them one of them - Christmas!

Let's be merciful

What if a child is sick? And you don't know what to do; how to help and how to pay for treatment. What if a little patient lives in a large family with many kids and they cannot afford treatment? Then it is probable that his parents will not be able to pay for his  treatment. Now there is hope for such families. ICHC will do its best to provide financial help to such families.