The International Center for Hope & Charity



37 needy families received food and clothes at ICHC

7 foster families attended a class for foster families

5 teenagers from adoptive families attended a group with psychologist

The spring has finally come into the city and we continue working!

If you are in a difficult life situation and don’t know where to get assistance from, you can call us and we’ll try to help you.

We keep on helping needy people according to the "Giving a hand" program - in April 37 needy families got assistance with a food set / an enlarged foot set / household chemical goods, diapers for babies. 

Sometimes it’s not enough to help people overcome their difficulties – in this case we offer such people an opportunity to attend psychological support groups. In the office we hold two groups – one for addicted and coaddicted women, and another one is for women in crisis. The groups take place weekly and work according to Christian counseling programs.

Besides that, we help foster parents and adopted kids. In April we had two events in the frame of the Club called “These children are not somebody else’ children”. We held a meet up with psychologists for 5 adopted teenagers where they could speculate on quite an actual topic which is anger management. They were told about different ways to get over their anger and made up their own methods to take out their destructive emotions – that turned out to be quite interesting (singing out loud or beating pillows, for instance). At the end of the meeting, teenagers completed several practical exercises to improve interaction and mutual trust.

Another event was for foster parents and targeted at effective communication with kids. Guided by a psychologist, parents tried to look at themselves with their kids’ eyes and learned how to build the communication the way their children would be able to hear them and perceive them correctly. 7 foster parents attended the meeting. Apart from the psychological teaching and Christian counseling, such groups are the opportunity to share experience, success and difficulties for parents. It also might be a way to look at a difficult situation and find a solution together.

Some of the parents received an individual counseling.

We are thankful to everyone who supports our work. Your impact is extremely valuable! May God bless you!