The International Center for Hope & Charity

August 2007

The month of August has proven to be a very difficult month for the families that are so very needy.  This is mainly due to supplies needed for the coming school year and the need to supply their many children with these items for school.

The International Center for Hope helps with clothing, shoes, hygiene products, medicines, jackets and coats and with the needed school supplies.  Many of these large families do not even have enough food to eat; therefore, ICH prepares food boxes fr om “The Food Pantry” that is located at The Center. Eight (8) families were assisted during the month of August, 2007.

Now that Summer break is ended, our work at “ICH” is focusing on the projects that “ICH” already have in place.  Discussions include the following programs/projects:
1.  “The Home Wh ere Love Lives” which does focus on chemically/alcohol dependent parents and the children of these parents.  

2.  Purchasing and preparing Christmas gifts for 900orphans and needy families.

3.  Preparing, planning and scheduling of the upcoming Christmas programs and performances.

4.  Training volunteers for upcoming programs.

5.  Cleaning and repair of donated clothing items for “The Clothes Closet.”

6.  Expanding “ICH” ministry.

7.  Fund raising events.

Thanks to all who help with this ministry of helping those in need.