The International Center for Hope & Charity

December 2010


The International Center for Hope was very, very busy in December. The staff and volunteers were busy rehearsing for the Christmas Performance, sending invitations to various orphanages in Udmurtia Republic, buying the gifts and forming the gifts and working with the needy families that come to The Center for assistance. The last rehearsal with their director, Uri Chubukov in the lead-Honored Worker of Culture of Udmurtia. A list of orphanages that would come to the performances was made and the applications were received from orphanages and the contracts with them for participation in The Christmas Charitable Project.

We also organized teams of volunteers that would help in the organization of activities. We expected 1200 orphans from 18 orphanages, as well as children from needy families and handicap children from Izhevsk and Votkinsk to come.