The International Center for Hope & Charity



42 needy families received food, household and hygiene items and diapers for babies

1 family raising a sick child received assistance

1 orphanage received assistance

5 adoptive parents shared their stories in a Book

It’s been a little late by now, but we’d like to tell you about ICHC work in December.

ICHC annual Christmas performances were on their way - we had a lot to prepare: sew costumes, make decorations, make music settings for the play, arrange the details with orphanages which we’re going to participate, accepted orphans’ craft works on Christmas, designed and sent out invitation letters to needy families.

Apart from the fact that we have been preparing for Christmas performances, our usual activities took place: 42 needy families of Izhevsk came over and received assistance with big and small food sets, hygiene items packs and diapers for babies.

We continue to help families raising a sick child overcome their hard life situation. In December ICHC bought eye lenses for a handicapped boy of a family with many kids. Also, ICHC paid for a whole year TV in the orphanage.

In December ICHC got a Book of living stories of Adoptive parents published - in the framework of our Club for Foster parents “These children are not somebody else’s children”. Some of the participants of our Club wrote their stories to share them with the audience hoping to help other people if they decided to take an orphan into their family.

We’re thankful to everyone who support our ministry! Thanks for your donations, your time and efforts, your commitment! We appreciate your help so very much! May the Lord bless!