The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2017


23 needy families received help with food, clothes and pampers.

On June, 14, ICHC staff and volunteers organized a two-day trip to outside the city for 21 orphan teenagers of Republic Orphanage in Izhevsk. During May and half-June volunteers have been preparing for the trip to make it interesting and memorable. So these days were good and filled with many interesting activities for orphans. At the end of the trip each of them received a gift. Once returned to the city, we organized a lecture for teenagers in the Republic Orphanage, the lecture about making purposes in life and achieving them, also about what can keep young people from doing it (bad habits). We finished the meeting having tea and simply hanging out with kids.
On June, 18-19, we organized a trip for a group of foster parents and their adopted kids that get together as a support group at ICHC. There was a training held by two psychologists for parents and games for kids. Our goal was to teach parent to build healthy relationships with kids, learn how to deal with them. This was a good and useful time for both parents and kids.
In June we began preparing for charitable Christmas parties that are going to take place at the end of December 2017. Actors got their parts, discussed the play with the director. The work has begun!
In June we helped 22 needy families with food, clothes and diapers for babies when needed.
The self support groups for coaddicted women at ICHC have finished for summer time.
We thank all of you who help us in our ministry! Thanks! May the Lord bless you!