The International Center for Hope & Charity

March 2009


The International for Hope has continued with the programs and projects during March, 2009. There are many programs and projects that are on-going.  Every week, The One-Day Shelter for Disabled Children is open.  This shelter is located at The Center Office of ICH and the children come to play, sing songs, have fun, do homework after school, make crafts with their own hands, with the guidance and assistance of the volunteers and social workers.  The program does allow the mothers some time for themselves while their children are at The Shelter.

The support groups: Club for Mothers of Disabled Children; Group for C0-Addicted Women; The Meeting with Graduate Orphans; the meetings at the #2 Orphanage/Internoit School for the Orphans; and the meeting with The City Asylum of Izhevsk take place weekly.

At the ending of March, 2009, ICH organized a three-day camp for 16 orphans from Internoit/Orphanage #2.  The camp was held at Selychka. The teacher from the school was there, also. The volunteers and staff organized entertainment programs for the orphans, had different games and contests, took them for a walk in the Winter forest, discussed topics, "How to be an Adult Person" and "Effective Methods of Interaction" and of course, had funtime and Bible Studies.











ICH assisted many needy families during March and the flow of needy people continues to increase.  We ask anyone who would like to volunteer to help, both physically and financially, to come to ICH Center and take part in the activities.

We are so very thankful to all who support us in our work.  Your time, funds and presence are always appreciated.  May God bless you all.