The International Center for Hope & Charity

November 2006

During November almost all our activities were devoted to the preparation of the charitable Christmas parties that we organize in Izhevsk and Vodkinsk.  They will be held on December 23rd and 24th. We have invited many famous musical and theatre groups and singers to participate in the program. We are in the process of forming 900 Christmas presents for the orphans fr om the orphanages and internoits of Izhevsk and Udmurtia. They are not ready yet: volunteers are still packing the boxes with the contents of chocolates and juice and fruit. We, ICH, are receiving applications from different orphanages for participation in the parties.
With the theatre group “Pritcha”, we visited the Orphanage in Nylga wh ere the orphans saw the musical performance based on the fairy tale by Max Lucado “You Are Special”. Also, we assisted the orphanage in the village of Zavialovo with books, sport kits and toys, as well as, assisting several needy families with food and clothing.

ICH continues its work with addicted women and their children (meetings with psychologists at ICH), with people willing to take orphans for holiday time from orphanage into their home (Club “There is not somebody else’s kids”) and with orphans in the Orphanage/Internoit school #2 of Izhevsk.  We continue to work with the graduates from the Orphanage #2, helping them ease into the society outside the orphanage and locating a place for them to reside. The ICH meetings are held three times a month with these orphans who have graduated from the Orphanage.  During this activity, we can talk to them as to friends, listen to them, and discuss the problems they face after finishing the school and entering a new adult life.
In the middle of November, we had an unofficial match between the orphans from the Orphanage/Internoit school#2 and guys from the youth ministry of  The Church Philadelphia of Izhevsk. The results showed the championship of the orphans and it all has been a great opportunity to strengthen friendly relationships between the players. Supporters were also pleased with the match. 
The branch office ICH Vodkinsk continues its work, also. The staff assisted several needy families with clothes and food. Also, boxes of clothing were sent to the villages of Kez, Debessy and Chernovskaya for needy people. The autumn camp for children from needy families and families with many children was held at ICH Vodkinsk from October 31st to November 3rd.  Fifteen children participated. They had an opportunity to talk with each other, and to participate in activities they are interested in that demonstrated their talents and abilities. ICH staff paid much attention to the relationships between children in order to make the group more united. Also, the kids watched the cartoon, “Super-Book,” and thus got to know the Bible better. Children were active in the activities, played games, tightened up discipline and just had fun. Every evening they had a kind of analysis of what they had during the day so children could discuss any problems and questions that they had. At the end of the camp, they received presents from ICH Vodkinsk.

We are grateful to God for all of you who help and support us in our activity! We could not do this alone!