The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2006


During the month of October, 2006, ICH assisted 15 families who were in need of clothes, medicines and food items. These families had many children and were so excited to receive help. The staff was delighted to give them some spiritual support and understanding.

ICH volunteers hold SS meetings 3 times a week at Internoit/Orphanage #2. This is a time that the children can learn and speak freely with the volunteers about things that are concerning them at that particular time. The staff also play games with them and have tea with chocolates. "A Home Where Love Belongs" continues each week, also. The psychologists work with the addicted women and their children. ICH staff is reporting that the program is a success and look forward to bringing the children back to the home. However, the women have to be free of drugs and alcohol before that can come about.

Another program that ICH is working on is called "The Club". This entails willing families that would take orphans fr om the orphanages and internoit schools during vacations, holiday time and week-ends. 
Our psychologists will train the families that are willing to register this tutorship. They will learn how to handle these children and be told about the orphans' features and characteristics. Guardianship papers will be drawn up and the Director of ICH will explain the legal aspects. Families that have already taken children into their home will come to the meetings and share their experiences and relate to them the problems they have incurred by taking a child fr om the orphanages for holiday time. We feel that it is very important to caution them about the difficulties they could face when taking a child from an orphanage into a family setting. These children have never had a family setting and it could be upsetting for all involved. Love also happens and it is difficult to return the children to the orphanages.

ICH staff and the theatre group, "PRITCHA", visited the Orphanage #4 in Izhevsk. "PRITCHA" showed them the fairy tale, "You Are Special," based on the book by Max Lucado and ICH presented the orphanage and children with toys, sports kits, scarves and caps as presents. The winter is coming so the children really needed warm clothing.


The orphans from Orphanage #75 received shampoo, tooth paste, soap and other hygiene items and caps and scarves, also. ICH met with them and presented these items to them.

ICH has started the Cooperative Work with Other City of Izhevsk Institutions that also work with orphanages and needy families. This month, we assisted an organization called, "Novy Svet." This organization works with homeless and neglected children. We at ICH assisted with clothing from our Clothes Closet, Hygiene Kits and school supplies. The initiative group of this organization establishes confidence relationships with the children and tries to help them with the correct direction in their lives. We also established a cooperative working relationship with the City Center, "Podrostok". This organization directs needy families/people to ICH in order to receive assistance.

ICH is in the process of preparing for the project, "Christmas for Children." There will be 2 Christmas parties that will involve close to 700 orphans at the parties in Izhevsk and 200 orphans at the party in Votkinsk. We are preparing a big performance with the participation of famous workers of culture and musical and dance groups of Izhevsk. We hope to bring the orphans into the city of Izhevsk and gather at a Theatre wh ere the children will be entertained with performances of Christ Birth and the Store of Christmas as well as receiving gifts from ICH. We are in the process of procurring the items that will go into each gift.


At our brahcn ICH Vodkinsk we helped 4 families with food and clothing. ICH Children Center held 4 meetings for kids from needy families. About 10 kids attended the meetings wh ere they play sports, watched videos (then discussed the characters' behavior and actions with the ICH workers) and had tea with candies. There was a lot of individual interaction between the staff and the kids which contributed to the development of friendly relationships between them.

We ask you to pray for the kids and ICH Children's Center's work and also for the staff.

Thanks to all of you that have helped ICH with support and items shipped from other countries. We could not do this alone.