The International Center for Hope & Charity

October 2013

October in ICH is the time of preparing for a “hot season” – our annual Christmas performances for 1300-1500 orphans and children from poor families of Izhevsk and Votkinsk (a city in Udmurtia). There will be a play made and shown specially for children with the participation of volunteers, children and adults, who do it without compensation. The original music is composed, the songs and texts are written specially for this case. The script is written by a volunteer who does it for us for many years. Now we take rehearsals with our theatre group, the director is a worker of culture of Udmurtia. Soon we are going to buy candy – in order that we could form sweet gifts for every orphan that attends Christmas performances. The performances will take place at the beginning of January 2014. We hope orphans will have fun  and hear about God’s love towards people!

During October, the Clubs (or groups of people who have the same problem or the same interest) take place weekly at ICH. Among those there are Clubs for disabled children’s moms, a separate group for such children, meetings for coaddicted women (AA group), meetings for Foster parents and people that would like to adopt a child.

ICH continues to help needy people with food and clothes. In October 26 needy families received assistance in Izhevsk.

We thank everyone who helps us in our ministry! We could not do it without your participation. May God bless you!