The International Center for Hope & Charity

Report for 2002


2002 year

In 2002 we were able to assist 44 needy families with food, medicines and hygiene products at the total sum of 50018 rubles. We are indeed blessed to assist the families, for this gives us the opportunity to talk to them and share our faith.

823 rubles (27 USD) were given to School #2 to purchase door locks for video and other rooms in order to stop series of thefts.

5000 rubles were given to School # 75 to help them decorate their building. We also helped them with hygiene products, medicines, clothes, school supplies and gave the children new year presents. The total sum was about 53250 rubles.


Neuron orphanage got 7500 rubles as a special donation fr om Mike and Erica Cain for purchasing soft module.

Internoit/Orphanage school #2 got assistance with food, medicines, vitamins for the children, hygiene products, literature, glass-ware for the kitchen. 823 rubles were given to School #2 to purchase door locks for video and other rooms in order to stop series of thefts. New year presents and birthday gifts were made for the children. Also School #2 asked us for help - they needed glasses badly, because the ones they had and broke could not be replaced and the children had nothing to drink from- they had no money for it, and so we provided them with 100 glasses at the total cost of 410 rubles. Then the girls there do not have any possibility to take proper hygienic care of themselves and we bought and delivered 6 big boxes of panty-liners (189 packs) at the total sum of 1769 rubles. All of it was bought and delivered to the School in March 2002.

Besides, we were able to help a girl from the same school who needed something to wear. We bought her trousers at the sum of 230 rubles.

According to our Birthday Gift Program we gave a Birthday Party at the School #2. This time it went rather smoothly because both sides (we and School workers) took the previous experience into account. We purchased all the components for the presents and formed them. They were all ready packed in boxes and were waiting at the office. Several days before the party we started buying food supplies for it: sweets, rolls, drinks, souffle in chocolate cover. Fruit and cakes were bought on the day of the Party.
On the day of the Party we took all the boxes with presents downstairs to get them into the car. Then we picked up Galina near her house together with two boxes of fruit that she had bought and went straight to the School. There we arranged and laid the tables with help of the children and their kitchen staff, and the performance began in the TV room at 7 p.m. The people who helped us and conducted the performance were several young people from Galina's church, including her son Roma. They involved all children (there were about 100 of people present, including 57children whose birthdays were celebrated, some teachers and guests) into action. They played different games with them, sang for them and told them a fairy-tale. The most active children got lottery tickets for their participation. Then everybody went to the canteen wh ere there was a special dinner, and we gave each child a present. This time we decided to give them hygiene products: liquid soap, toothpaste, shampoo, sponge and small deodorants. Older boys also got shavers. Everybody was very pleased both with the party and with their presents. Children and teachers thanked us and asked us to continue working with them. Children are now more open and cultured, they feel less shy and readily participate in all the activities. They are gradually improving. The total sum of the help to the Internoit/Orphanage school #2 was about 51230 rubles.

Besides, we continued to host children from School #2 and Municipal Shelter for the Homeless Children (Poor Orphanage) and provide them with second-hand clothes that are stored in the back room of our office.


We gave 2000 rubles to a single mother whose son is a gifted artist to pay for their trip to Moscow, to Russian Academy of Fine Arts.

On April 2002 we held Easter Party at the Poor Orphanage - together with Christian students. We presented toys and sport equipment to each group (6 groups in total).

We purchased 200 drinking glasses at the total sum of 850 rubles for the School #2. We provided prizes (chocolate bars) for each participant of the Republican Special Olympics for handicapped children (150 bars for the total of 1417 rubles 50 kopecks).

During our association with the orphanages and Internoit Schools, we realized that there were no programs to recognize students that showed kindness and compassion to others. We developed a program to reward those who showed the most compassion and kindness to their peers. The students selected the ones that they felt deserved the recognition. Twenty students were selected, from Internoit School #2 and from The Poor Orphanage.

A celebration was planned and given on Saturday, May 25th 2002 for these students. A bus was donated by one of the churches with a driver to transport the students to the dacha of the Director of The Center and a festive day began. There were games, singing, dancing and much food.

We were assisted by Youth from The Church of Philadelphia, who planned the many activities. The students really had a great time and so did the staff of The Center. We plan on making this an annual event.


We bought a wheelchair for a disable woman who has 2 children.

The builders from the company "Siberia" began repairing the showers for the boys and girls in the School # 2. The showers are progressing nicely. The children are happy that they'll have a place to bathe now.


The Christmas Program has started at the Center. We have started buying early in order to get better prices. According to our program we are going to have Christmas celebrations at the Internoit Schools. We want to give presents to the handicapped children and needy people.

The children are coming more often now to the Center since we have the VCR and TV. We are showing Christian films and talking to them, sharing our faith.

We visited the republic social rehabilitated center for children. We bought cakes, sweets, soft drinks and fruit.


Also we wanted the children from the orphanages to go to theatres, so we bought tickets for them. Now they can go to a lot of performances during their vacations. The children were very glad.

At last the builders from the company "Siberia" have repaired the showers for the boys and girls in the School # 2. The showers are wonderful. The builders also repaired the toilet. The children are happy that they have a place to bathe now.


In December, needy families with many children were given Christmas presents. It is always a joy to bring happiness to those less fortunate for they do not have the means to purchase a gift for their children. The joy expressed is a reward to us.

Our organization, "The International Center for Hope," participated in an annual exhibition, "Small Businesses." We were the only non-profit organization to participate. There were many commercial organizations that participated and we visited the booths of several companies. We really wanted to folks in Izhevsk to become familiar with "The Center" and our Mission Statement and projects that we have finished and the ongoing projects. Our goal is to gain support from businesses here, financially and with volunteers, in order that we can realize more of our goals and projects. One of our projects is to purchase Playground Equipment for The Orphanage for Severely Handicapped-Kanifolny, and we hope the seed was planted that we do need donations to help these different Orphanages and these children.

We were fortunate this year to give Christmas presents to 1,600 children in several different orphanages in the City of Izhevsk and to some orphanages in villages outside of the city. A lot of time, effort and strength were involved in purchasing the gifts. We organized three (3) Christmas parties in different orphanages and the Christian Theatre "Parable" helped us entertain the children.