The International Center for Hope & Charity

Report for 2003


During the year 2003, we assisted 62 needy families with food, clothing, medicines and hygiene kits at the total sum of 15508 rubles. This is an ongoing project for The Center. Many are sent to us fr om the City of Izhevsk Adminstration and Social Services Department. Pre-qualification is done through the City prior to the families coming to ICH for assistance.

We were able to provide help to the Internoit School #75 with hygiene kits and Christian literature. Also, Internoit School # 2 was provided with containers for medicines. The Internoit Schools also boards many orphans and children fr om abusive family situations. Clothes, shoes, school supplies, vitamins, Christian literature, coats, mittens, gloves, hats, and hygiene products were given to the different Internoit Schools as needed.

We continued the Birthday Gift Program for the Children who had birthdays in January and February. We purchased hygiene kits for the 7-10 year olds and that included a toy car for the boys and a soft toy for the girls, plus a T-shirt, a card and a plastic bag, the hygiene kits were for older kids. The presents that were bought and given did depend on the age and the sex of the child.

The Program "Winter" has finished at last! Children fr om the Internoit School #2 and people from the various churches knitted 100 pair of socks. We gathered them and then gave them to kids. The children were very glad to receive them because it is unusually cold in Izhevsk, Russia this winter. This is an ongoing project also and it provides a way for volunteering for many of the people here in Izhevsk. Hats, mittens, scarves, gloves, socks and sweaters are knitted by some and donated to The Center. The staff in turn, gave to the needy families or children from the Orphanages or Internoit Schools when they come to The Center for assistance.


Funds used for these projects and programs: Internoits and orphanages : 44095-80 rubles, $1400

A young single mother, was sent to The Center. She is a Chemist but has an allergic reaction to the chemicals that she was working with and had to quit her job. She is being trained in another field at this time but had no income to support her and her little boy. We were able to help her with food, clothing and a job. She has since returned to The Center and thanked the staff. We noticed that she had begun smiling and we asked why. She replied, "with your assistance with food, clothing and this job, I am able to provide for myself and my son."

Another young woman came to The Center to ask for help. She has a lot of problems and in desperation, she tried to cut her veins (as we have stated before, Izhevsk has the highest rate of suicide in all of Russia). She did not have a place to live in so her eldest son was staying with her mother-in-law. During this time, she gave birth to another baby and the doctors in the hospital convinced her to give him over to the orphanage, which she did. She couldn't bare it and after two months, she managed to locate him and take him home with her. During these 2 months, her milk dried up and she had no means to buy milk for the baby. She came to The Center and asked if we could help her with clothing and food for the baby, for her elder son and herself. The City Administration gave her a room in a hostel and she was able to take her elder son from his grandmother. Now, she has both of her children with her and needs assistance until she can locate a job.

We gave our usual Birthday Party at the Internoit School #2. It involved a lot of preparations since we were responsible for the food, presents and a performance. We packed the presents a long time ago but because of the flu epidemic, we could not celebrate the Birthday party until the children who had birthdays during January, February well in order to attend. We were ready to celebrate it at any time. We always buy fruit (bananas, apples), confetti, cakes, and beverages for the birthday parties and arrange a place setting for each child that is being honored.
The members of Christian Students Association performed for the kids. Their performance was very amusing and funny, which made the kids laugh a lot. The teachers told us that they had never seen them smile and laugh so much. After the performance, the students offered to pray with them and the children immediately agreed. Then there was the tea-party with the foods and presents for each child. They were thankful to us for the performance and of course, for the presents.


For the Day of Celebration of Kindness and Light the children themselves from the Orphanage and Internoit School, selected the children that had shown more kindness and compassion during the past school year from the Municipal Orphanage and Internoit-school #2 to be awarded the opportunity to attend this celebration. Our staff feels that this is a very special recognition by the students themselves and we hope that all will strive to achieve this selection. We provided food, fruit, drinks, candies, and gifts for each child, as well as entertainment. The gifts were very good gifts and were formed from the things that had come from friends and supporters in America. There were clothes, toys, school supplies, bibles, hygiene kits etc.

The members of The Christian Students Association performed for the kids. The children were participants in this performance. They ran, fished, sang songs, had a treasure hunt, drew pictures, etc. It was a great way to get the children to interact with each other and to participate in the different games. The kids really enjoyed the performances and the games. The students tried to act out a famous French TV-show "Boyardee Fortress" wh ere the children were a team, who tried to get money in order to rescue the king and the queen of Kindness and Light who had been robbed by pirates. 
The kids laughed, clapped, and shouted. It is wonderful to see them laughing since there is so little to laugh about in the habitat wh ere they are living.

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The Internoit School #2 was provided with cornices in 2003. Kids need comfort and warmth, wh ere they live. We hope that thanks to them the school was transformed and the comfort for the children was created.

The kids are coming more often now to the Center since the summer vocations are over. Graduates of the Internoit #2 don't forget us, they come to the Center, share with their impressions about school and help us with the youngest kids.

We were able to provide help to the Internoit School #2 with materials for The Photography Club. Kids have much free time but due to lack of financing, many clubs do not work. The kids made a request to the Center and asked us to buy all necessary materials for their work.

We also purchased 6 jackets and 6 pairs of shoes for the orphans at the Internoit School that is located outside the city. It is very cold here and The Center's staff wanted them to feel warm in their hearts as well as being warm from the cold outside.

The Center ordered and transferred funds for the playground equipment "Jangles" for "Kanifolny" Orphanage. This is the orphanage for the Severely Handicapped children. There are 168 children at Kanifolny, all of which are severely handicapped, either physically or mentally or both.

We were able to help a young couple who adopted a three-month old. This girl was born in a family of handicapped people who are disabled.
We continue receiving boxes with clothes from our American friends. Our employee Olga sorts, chooses and gives the appropriate clothes to the kids and the needy.

We were able to provide school supplies to the Rehabilitation Center for Abused Children. Due to lack of financing, their education program was on the verge of closing.

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On November 20th 2003, the playground equipment was delivered and assembled for the kids at the Kanifolny Orphanage. We were invited to the solemn opening of this playground equipment. But the Playground Equipment was not the only present for the kids. Our friends from the theatre "Parable" prepared a special performance with dancing, singing and reciting of poetry by D. Harms.

The International Center for Hope assisted numerous needy families during the month of December. The families needed clothing, coats, shoes, medicines, hygiene products, and food. There were several needy families who have several children. To our knowledge, they had never received a gift at Christmas or New Year's. Therefore, our staff decided that The Center would provide gifts for these children this year. The families do not have the funds to purchase food or clothing, much less, gifts.

Volunteers that have helped us during the year with numerous performances at different orphanages and internoit schools, in and around the City of Izhevsk and Udmurtia Republic, were given gifts to show our appreciation for the time and efforts that they have demonstrated and given. Many, many children, teachers and directors have been touched through hearing "The Christmas Story." The seeds have been planted; we now want to watch them grow.

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A lot of time, effort and strength were involved in purchasing and forming 1850 gifts for children in several different orphanages in and around the City of Izhevsk and the Udmurtia Republic. The staff and volunteers traveled long ways on several different days in order that these children could hear and receive.

For the second time, funds were donated and designated for the purchase of beds for Internoit School #75. The number of orphans has increased every year at #75, therefore the need for beds was brought to our staff. 30 beds have been purchased thus far.

Thanks again to our supporters in America and Canada for providing the funds for the Christmas gifts, parties, food, clothing, shoes, medicines, coats, and hygiene products. Funds were donated and designated for the purpose of purchasing these items. May you be blessed.

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