The International Center for Hope & Charity

April 2008

The Holiday for Poor Mothers was held at The City Center of Family of the Oktyabresky District. The City of Izhevsk allowed ICH to hold this celebration, free of charge. The holiday was organized for poor families that have many children. There were 60 families that attended. Our theatre group of young performers, danced, sang, and recited poetry. The staff ordered the food to be prepared for the celebration and then served it to each family. Each woman was given a box of food and our new booklets that contains our address and telephone number.


ICH bought a set of sand box toys and development games for the children at the City Asylum orphanage.


The Clubs for Foster Parents and Mothers of Disabled Children continue as well as the meetings from the graduates from the orphanages. In addition, the meetings with the orphans at Internot #2 and the City Asylum continue. Training for a new team of volunteers also occurred.
At our branch office in Vodkinks, the staff worked with children from poor families, accepting up to eight kids a day. Clothes from the “Close Closet” were sent to the village of Sharkan in order to be distributed to the poor families.

We helped 17 needy families with food and clothes.