The International Center for Hope & Charity

April 2007

The staff and volunteers are very busy at 'The International center for Hope" during April, 2007. The Rehab course for women who are chemically addicted came to conclusion this month. A farewell party was held and during the celebration, the presentation for a new group of women needing help with rehabilitation was conducted. The new course will be offered during the autumn months. This has been a very succesful undertaking and many families have benefited by having their family reunited. ICH staff and the theatre group, "Pritcha", visited the orphanage in Nylga and the orphanage in Fakel. Both are in the Republic Udmurtia, several kilometres from Izhevsk, Russia. The orphanage in Nylga was given household chemical supplies and personal hygiene items and the orphanage in Fakel was given large rugs that will be laid in the media room. Clothes from "the Clothes Closet of ICH" were also given to the orphanage in Fakel. Pritcha performed our new Easter show at both orphanages.


ICH's volunteers are preparing for the "Celebration of Kindness" which will take place during May. The children at orphanage #2 and the orphanage-asylum of Izhevsk will sel ect which child has been the kindest during this school year and these children are the ones that will attend. Each orphanage/peers selects 20 for a total of 40 children. ICH also has volunteers that will participate and assist in the actual "Day of Kindness". The celebration will be held at ICH's director's dacha. A full day of games, socializing, feasting and gifting is on the agenda again this year.

The Center at Vodkinsk continues with their 2 day a week activities for 8-12 children fr om needy families. During these sessions, the children do needlework, play games, watch films, discuss different topics and have tea with the staff of ICH. At the end of April, a birthday party was held for these children, with dancing, gaves, and gifts. ICH presented each child with a special gift. During April, 2007, ICH assisted 17 needy families with food and clothing
Our thanks to all that continue to support "The international center for Hope". This includes our volunteers, our staff and our partners in prayer and financial aid.