The International Center for Hope & Charity

April 2017


21 needy families received help with food and clothes

1 child got helped with finances for treatment

In April, ICHC keeps working according to the charitable program “Home where Love lives”: twice a week (on days when we accept needy people) they come to the office to ask for help and get a food package which consists of mostly essential food and weighs 11 kg. Poor families also get clothes and sometimes vitamins for kids if needed. In April we helped 21 families.

Also, ICHC helped a family buy medicine for a 4-year-old girl who suffers from diabetes I type. 

Once a week ICHC volunteers visit with orphans in Republic Orphanage of Izhevsk – they play with kids, talk to them, discuss interesting topics and just hang out and have fun together. In June 2017, we plan on organizing a big camp for these orphans – we began preparing for it. Please pray for this time! We really want it to be good and useful for everyone who participates.

Once a week (on Wednesday) we have two groups of self support for coaddicted women and mothers of all ages (they work according to psychological programs “Most excellent Way” and “Freedom of Mother”). They get to know ways to overcome their problems, fears, unhealthy behavior patterns  and tend to know the One Who helps them do it! Please pray for their lives to change for the best!

Once every three weeks we have our Club for foster parents where they get support through the work of a psychologist and discuss many difficult issues of upbringing of an adopted child. We are also preparing an application for a grant support for this Club in one of Moscow funds and really hope to get it.

In spite of the spring, we have just began getting ready for our annual charitable Christmas performances for orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. We are looking for a good script to start making a musical play and discuss all the details with the director of our theatre group. The most difficult and charged part of the work on Christmas project will have place in autumn.   

We are so grateful to everyone who helps us in our ministry! It is so worth it! May the Lord bless you all!