The International Center for Hope & Charity

Avgust 2017


25 needy families received help with food, clothes

2 families received assistance to buy medicine and pay treatment

1 family of a refugee received help

In the middle of August we began working after summer vacation. However we helped some needy families in July, too. Altogether in July and August 25 poor families received help at ICHC with food, clothes, diapers for babies. Also we bought a water heater for a refugee family with many kids.

Every three weeks of July and August the Club for foster parents and their kids took place at the office. Guided by our psychologists, parents talked about their experience, joy, problems and many other issues they face bringing up adopted kids and teenagers. These meetings help foster parents build healthy relationships with their kids. This work is possible thanks to Timchenko Foundation, Moscow.

Also, we continue to prepare for our Christmas charity project for orphans. So far, our volunteers who act in performances gather together to prepare our future play.

Besides that, in July we bought train tickets to Moscow for Crystal boy and his family (they go to Moscow rehab clinic every three months).

And in August we helped Polina Merzlyakova's family to buy medicine for the girl.

We thank everyone who helps us in our ministry!