The International Center for Hope & Charity

Christmas performances


1450 sweet Christmas gifts were given to orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk

474 orphans took part in Christmas performances

860 kids from needy families of Izhevsk participated in Christmas performances

90 volunteers helped ICHC in organization

We did it! Praise God we finally did it!

ICHC charitable Christmas performances - 2019 took place on January, 8. About 2000 people attended, among them 474 orphans from 15 orphanages of Udmurt Republic and more than 860 children from poor families of Izhevsk (plus their parents who took them to the concert). 6 orphanages made the concert with our theatre and dance group - they prepared really beautiful dances and songs (some of them in foreign languages!) and joined us in the concert.

The concert was devoted to Christmas - and showed how magnificently it walks around the earth, and all the sides and corners of the world and all the countries celebrate the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! It showed different populations (northern, southern, eastern and western countries) dancing and singing for the glory of our Lord. Spectators, lead by the actors and the plot of the performance, were able to visit Russia, America, European countries, Corea, Africa, Northern and other territories and see how people celebrate Christmas and praise God there. Different places and traditions for the glory of the King Savior Who was born for everyone! At the end of the concert a huge globe (2,5 m in diameter) appeared on the stage - to spectators' big surprise! It showed that the whole earth is celebrating Christmas and we are to join it!

After the concert we had an entertaining program near Christmas tree in the hall. Then kids received their sweet Christmas gifts!

More than 30 volunteers plus 28 people in choir, 22 dancers and 20 kids from children's choir helped us to make it possible!!! 1450 sweet gifts were given to orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. More than 90 kids made paintings and drawings for our exhibition "Christmas in Children's eyes" which was represented there at the Palace of Culture where the whole event took place. Also, we made a special gift for orphanages - a big book with children's Christmas drawings and paintings - so they can remember it for as long as possible.

We are so grateful to everyone who helped us! Who prayed, donated, supported, thought of us!!!! Who came at the very last moment to carry hundreds of gifts and transport them from the office to the place of event... Who rehearsed for many months and learned choreography, who participated in the entertainment program... Who got inspiration and made beautiful costumes! Who came to help us in the kitchen to make dinner for orphans, actors and volunteers! Thank you! A simple Thank You is just not enough!

We hope we made Christmas closer to many orphans and kids of poor families!