The International Center for Hope & Charity

December 2006

December has proven to be a very busy month. The preparations for the Christmas Parties that the International Center for Hope holds each year was organized and held on December 23rd and 24th. The invitations went out to orphanages and to needy families of Izhevsk and Vodkinsk, Russia. The staff and volunteers formed gifts for all the children and the needy families and presented them to the children and needy families after the performances. The orphans from 10 orphanages of Izhevsk and distant areas of the Udmurt Republic were invited, as well as, the children from the city center “Podrostok”. Also attending were 150 needy families from Izhevsk and 150 needy families from Vodkinsk. The International Center for Hope in Vodkinsk held their own performances in Vodkinsk. Both offices held performances in theatres.


The performances included famous theatre, dance and music groups from Izhevsk. There were dance theatre “Rainbow”, boys’ choir “Ingur” and others. Our own theatre group “Pritcha” performed dances and sang songs. After the performance, the orphans and children from needy families participated in an entertaining program around the Christmas tree. At this time the gifts were distributed. The children and the volunteers and staff of ICH all sang songs and danced together during this celebration and many said that it was so wonderful. ICH has been noted as having special days for the children from orphanages and needy families and many have been helped both monetarily and spiritually.


As December approached the final days of the year, ICH organized a small Christmas party for the staff of ICH and the volunteers that have helped during the year. ICH wants to show appreciation to all that have been a part of the programs and projects. Our bond of friendship has become stronger with the volunteers and we recognize that we depend on them for their participation.