The International Center for Hope & Charity

December 2009


The staff of ICH spent most of their time preparing for the Christmas project that took place at the beginning of January, 2010 in Izhevsk  and Votkinsk.  The invitations went out to the children at the orphanages to come to the performances.  Many parties and forming the gifts with the help of ICH Volunteers has been the object of our work this month.  Many orphans have been invited from the different orphanages and the internoit schools of the Udmurt Republic. Children from Poor Families have also been invited to this Christmas  performance.  The musical has been created especially for this occasion by the work of our volunteers.

The many Clubs have been meeting weekly as before.  The office at ICH has been used to conduct these club meetings except the last session when that time was devoted to the Christmas and New Year's holidays. The disabled children's club, "The One Day Shelter," had many participants that made gifts and prepared a Christmas party for their moms.  They did with their own hands, also.  They made theatre sketches, gifts and played games together with their moms.

Although it was frosty, people came to The Center to ask for help in December.  29 needy families were assisted with food and clothing during this month.

Our sincere thanks to all that have helped The International Center For Hope become a striving source in Izhevsk and Votkinsk and surrounding villages.  We will all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.