The International Center for Hope & Charity

December 2016

We have a good tradition here at ICHC: December is rather a busy month. We are getting ready for our charitable Christmas performances for orphans, buying candy, making gifts, our theatre group having rehearsals of a new musical play, volunteers helping creating decorations and costumes. And finally, when everything is done and ready, we invite about 20 orphanages and Internoit schools from different areas of Udmurtia to come participate and see the performances. Also we invite children from needy families of Izhevsk. This year, we had our Christmas performances on the 25th of December. Everything went really well! About 1500 people came to see our performances and 1250 kids received Christmas gifts. We had so much fun together singing and dancing around xmas tree! We had so many strong emotions seeing a part of the movie "Jesus" during the performance and hearing again the story of nativity and baby-Jesus! We praise God He lets us do this every year! We thank Him for His love He wants to reach everyone with! We thank all of the volunteers, helpers, supporters, those who prayed for this project and donated a part of their money, time and efforts! You are faithful! God is faithful! Thank you! Merry Christmas!