The International Center for Hope & Charity



41 needy families received help with food

33 needy families got assisted with a set of hygiene&household items

10 needy families received diapers for babies

9 foster families attended 2-day camp

3 families raising a handicapped child got help

According to our longstanding tradition, December is a month of preparation for our annual charitable Christmas performances. We had to do a lot, there were 1500 sweet gifts to form and pack, and we were able to do it only thanks to our faithful volunteers and supporters. The whole day of January 8, 2021 was spent orchestrating the event. We started with putting on the performance itself and finished with fixing everything while respecting the strict social distancing rules for the spectators and workers. We asked about 15 volunteers to help us with this. Leading up to the performance the rehearsals took place three times a week. The actors were all volunteers and the director was a professional theater director Uri Chubukov.

We also continued to help needy people twice a week. In December we helped 41 poor families of Izhevsk with essential food, hygiene and household items and diapers for babies. For all of them such help was crucial in this period of time.

In the middle of December, ICHC organized a two-day trip to a recreation center in the village of Golyani for the members of our Foster Parents Club, children and adults. Altogether they had a wonderful time, playing board games with volunteers and having group and individual counseling with the psychologists.

We’re very thankful to our partners and supporters, as only with your assistance is it possible to provide the help that we give to handicapped children. Brain surgery was recommended for Ksyusha, a girl suffering from a tumor. This was recommended by Moscow medical doctor and professor, Dr. Burdenko. Fortunately the surgery was free of charge, but the preoperative testing and travel costs to Moscow were prohibitively expensive for Ksyusha’s family. With your support, ICHC was able to step in and pay for the tests and the tickets to Moscow for Ksyusha and her mom. We also continue to help the boy Vanya who’s struggling with autism, we assisted by paying for some medicine and for his rehabilitation.

Thanks to our supporters we were also able to help Alyona. She is not only a young mom of three kids, she is also a former orphan of Izhevsk orphanage #2. Her youngest daughter is sick and needs a nebulizer machine for longterm usage, unfortunately their machine stopped working. The price was too high for Alyona’s family to replace it, so ICHC bought a new nebulizer for the girl. Alyona also received help with food, hygiene and household items.

Our dear friends and supporters! We say thank you so very much for everything you do, for donating your prayers, your time, your finances, your efforts! For sharing the same vision with us! May the Lord bless each and everyone of you and give you strength, health and peace!