The International Center for Hope & Charity

February 2006


The staff of ICH visited the Orphanage in Votkinsk and during this visit, the drama "You are Special" was performed by "Theatre Parable." The children were entralled!!! The performers were eager to talk with the children there at the orphanage and we feel positive that the children enjoyed talking with them, also. At our office in Votkinsk, we are so delighted that the "12 Step Program" seems to be growing more and more. The chemical-addicted women are becoming more open and more honest now and hoping that good changes will happen in their lives.

The Children's Psychologist is working with the children of the women who are addicted. This program is progressing and is attacking the problem more effectively.

Twice a week we continue to organize meetings with the children from Internoit/Orphanage #2. Our volunteers went for a walk in the forest together with the children. There they fried sausages and skied. The children really have begun to enjoy being with our volunteers and it is helping them to become more settled and more kind toward one another.


In Izhevsk and Votkinsk, the next session of seminars for volunteers working with orphans, took place. This also is a great time of getting to know one another better.

During February, we assisted 30 families with food and clothes. We were able, also, to purchase the needed office supplies for Intenoit/Orphanage #2. We have all grown fond of the Director and teachers at #2 and they have grown fond of us, also.

We continue to have some difficulties with the office situation but we are praying and have faith that the problems with be solved soon. We are blessed to have this opportunity to work with the needy families and the orphanages and we enjoy our work.