The International Center for Hope & Charity

February 2007

During the month of February, 2007, The International Center for Hope continued with the program, "Home Where Love Lives," conducting all 5 parts: "The Future Begins Today," "I Need A Home," "These Children are not Somebody Else's Children," "Help Mommy," and "Let's be More Merciful."
On February 17 & 18, ICH organized a 2 day Christian Camp for 29 orphans from The orphanage #2 of Izhevsk.  In spite of the intensely cold weather, it was a marvelous time.  Games were played, indoors and outdoors, with the volunteers and the children participating.  There was a lot of interacting, communicating, participation in entertainment projects prepared by the volunteers and Thematic Christian classes were held.  At the small group meetings, the children had the opportunity to discuss subjects concerning personalities, inner characteristics and how to accept others that surround us.

At the end of February, the ICH staff and the theatre group, "PRITCHA", visited the Trade School #15 in Vodkinsk. 130 orphan graduates attend the trade school to study the trade that they will work when their training is finished. "PRITCHA" performed in dance and in song. 
In February, ICH assisted 10 needy families of Izhevsk with food and clothing.  Our Clothes Closet and Food Pantry are always available for those that do need help.
ICH-Votkinsk continues with their programs, as well. 3 needy families were assisted with food and clothing. The Children's Recreational Center started organizing meetings for the children twice a week.  Now, 15 children from unfortunate families attend the meetings at The Center.  During this month, those coming to The Center had the chance to talk to the volunteers, play games, and have tea.  They also were asked to participate in helping tidy up the territory of The Center, to clean it from the snow and so on.  Many children received makeshift "military" decorations for their participation.

Thanks to all who are helping us in our ministry!