The International Center for Hope & Charity

February 2012

At the beginning of November, ICH organized a 3-days trip for orphans in Selychka. During these three days the snow fell, so the volunteers and children had a wonderful time: playing outdoors, sculptured snowmen, held classes in small and large groups, talking about fear and the means of overcoming it. The purpose of the training: to specify the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior of a person, give an idea how thoughts affect our emotions, physical condition.



Children actively participated in the discussions, showed different perfomances. One of the interesting moments of the camp was a small survey. They answered the question "What does "happiness" mean?" It was awesome!

 Happiness is mom and dad. Family!
- Happiness is when there is some people who can die for you.
- Happiness is my friends. This is when you have friends in your life, a lot of them! And when they play with you, you're wondering, and without friends you will be bored.
- Happiness is lots of fun.

The simple truth from the children touched the hearts of many adults.
To organize recreation in this way is a good time for kids and adults to learn how to love, understand and accept each other.

It’s a kind of a custom in November to have the preparation for the Christmas charity project. It will be held in January. Rehearsals are going quite actively with young actors from the theater groups of the Hopecenter. The costumes and scenery for the play is ready, we have to buy sweets for the formation of gifts.
A festive presentation and entertainment, we invite orphans from orphanages, children's homes and boarding schools of the Udmurt Republic. This year we invited 1,300 children.
Our task is not only to bring joy to disadvantaged children, but also to attach to the works of mercy, many organizations in the city.

In addition, at the center, as before, working the club: of a psychological support "Sunshine" for mothers of disabled children, and the club for mothers of the number of orphans.



In November, 11 families got assistance with food packages, clothes and footwear.

We are grateful to everyone who prays for us and supports us in our work! May God bless you and your families richly!