The International Center for Hope & Charity

February 2017


30 Families received assistance with food and clothes

In February ICHC worked according to its usual programs. Every week two support groups for women take place at the office: there coaddicted women and young mothers that found themselves in a difficult life situation discuss their problems with a psychologist and volunteers, as well as learn how to cope with their kids and husband, built healthy relationships in the family, give up bad habits and many other things. Conversation passes accompanied by a cup of tea.
Our volunteers keep visiting with orphans in the Republic Orphanage of Izhevsk where they talk to the kids as to friends, play games, sports, etc. Akso now we are getting ready for a trip outside the city with orphans to get some fresh air. We really hope this trip will be successful and interesting for all who participate!
Also, 30 needy families received help with food and clothes at ICHC.
We are thankful to all our volunteers, to our supporters for helping us!
Thanks! And God bless you!