The International Center for Hope & Charity

February 2018


23 needy families recieved help with food, clothes, diapers for babies

1 one single mom received financial help with paying the kindergarten for her kids when so that she can go find a job.

In February ICHC continues to help people in difficult life situation. Every week we have support groups for women that work according to the "The most excellent way" and "Mother's wisdom" programs, and every month we have a Foster parents Club guided by our psychologists. In February foster parents and their adopted kids gathered together in the frame of excercises of Body-oriented therapy: an approach of psychotherapy which applies basic principles of somatic psychology. Simple and profound exercises help parents and kids find an effective way of communication and treat muscle clamps body. All the parents who took part in that group were very satisfied with the results and showed interest in continuing.
Also, weekly we have SS classes for orphans made by volunteers who visit with them in the Republic orphanage of Izhevsk.
In February we helped 23 needy families with food, clothes, diapers for babies if needed. Also we helped a young single mom pay the kindergarten for her kid (as she needed to find a job, but didn't have anyone to watch her child).

We are thankful to everyone who supports us in our ministry, who donates funds, time and efforts helping us! Thanks for your contribution!