The International Center for Hope & Charity



27 needy families received food, household and hygiene items and diapers for babies

7 foster families attended a camp for families raising orphans

3 families raising a sick child received assistance

Winter is almost over, and we'd like to tell you how the work is going on at ICHC, Izhevsk, Russia in February.

One of our essential projects is "Giving a hand" which represents assistance to needy families in difficult life situations with food, household & hygiene items and diapers for babies. In February 27 families received this kind of help at ICHC.

A single mom raising six children got helped the way she told us she needed most - ICHC bought a big truck of firewood to provide heating for her small house out of the city.

Two other families who bring up handicapped children received assistance to pay for some medical procedures for the girl named Varya suffering from cancer, and to pay for the roundtrip tickets to the city where the rehab hospital is located, for the boy Fyodor and his mom.  

At the beginning of February ICHC organized a two-day camp for foster parents and adopted kids at a recreation area in the country. Seven foster families attended the event. Together with our volunteers and two Christian psychologists they played intellectual games, spent some time in fresh air, talked in small groups about their issues and victories in children's upbringing and good ways of parenting. Such events allow parents to be "full-time" parents for their kids, to learn how to interact effectively with them, to be surrounded by people with the same issues and to dive into the atmosphere of unconditional acceptance. The Foster Parents Club also provides individual counseling and support groups for parents monthly.

We say THANK YOU to our partners and supporters, as well as to our volunteers and everyone who prays for our ministry! We appreciate your contribution! From the bottom of our hearts - thank you! May God bless you!