The International Center for Hope & Charity

January 2008

On January 6, 2008, ICH presented “The Christmas Performance” in the city of Votkinsk, for children from orphanages and children from needy families that are from the City of Votkinsk.  Each person that attended was given a Christmas gift from ‘The International Center for Hope.’  350 were in attendance.

A new project, “Help Mommy,” has begun at The International Center for Hope.  The project is designed to help the socially unprotected groups of society-in particular The Mothers of Disabled Children.  ICH will provide psychological and material help to the mothers and thus, a support group has been formed.  The first meeting has been conducted and 16 mothers and a widower (having 3 children) attended. Several children accompanied their moms to the meeting.
The volunteers of The Center for Hope began again with the organizing of meetings for the orphans in the Internoit/Orphanage #2 in the City of Izhevsk.  In these meetings, the orphans have organized “play-time” with the volunteers, listen to interesting and instructive stories, learn of moral values and how to apply them to their lives, guidance in how to cooperate and how to say “no” when necessary or  when needed.  ICH provides films for the participants to watch, as well as, discussing the many different problems these orphans/children are confronted with in their daily walk.   
ICH continues to with the meetings for the graduates of Internoit/Orphanage #2.  These meetings are held at The Center.  Also, meetings for “The Club: These are not Somebody Else’ Children” are meeting at The Center to assist with the knowledge and training of persons seeking to become Foster Parents to some of the orphans. The groups for co-dependent women continue to meet in the framework of the “12 Step Program.”

In January, 2008, 15 needy families of Izhevsk received assistance of food and clothing.