The International Center for Hope & Charity

January 2009


The International Center for Hope has organized and started a new charitable branch-project titled, "Club for Disabled Children."  The Club is patterned after "Help the Mommy" project that caters to the mothers of disabled children.  Our Psychologists have been working with the mothers during the entire year of 2008 as per The Financial Aid of National Charitable Fund, Moscow, Russia.  We discovered that the moms of disabled children did not have the time nor the opportunity to leave their children alone in order to just have some time for themselves, to have rest and to do some necessary things like going to the doctor or doing bill payments and so on. Therefore, a special club was formed for the disabled children where they can stay during the entire day with social workers and volunteers, play with them, watch films, do crafts, have a meal and inter-act with other children and the staff and volunteers at ICH. All this is done without the mothers being there for the moms have been relieved for a few hours for their own relaxation.  This allows the children to become more independent and to enjoy being with the 

volunteers and new friends.  Our social workers and volunteers take care of the children in an appropriate way. The psychologist will continue to work with the moms in The Sunny Circle Club.








The Support Group for Co-Addicted Women continues on a weekly basis, as does The Club for Graduates from the Orphanages.  We continue to work with the orphans at The Orphanage School for Orphans and with the City Asylum for little children. The Club for Foster Parents continue monthly, also.

12 needy families and poor families were assisted with food and clothing from The Clothes Closet and The Food Pantry at The International Center for Hope. During January, many came that were hungry and that needed many items of warm clothing.

Our thanks to all who help and who support our ministry.

May the Lord Bless each and every one.