The International Center for Hope & Charity

January 2017


22 families received assistance with food and clothes

1250 kids received sweet gifts

70 volunteers helped us in organization of Christmas parties

1500 saw our Christmas performances

Traditionally for ICHC, the month of January becomes the time of preparing reports of the year that passed including overall results of the Charitable Christmas performances that took place on the 25th of December. This year, children from 20 orphanages of Udmurtia came to attend our Christmas parties, as well as children from poor families of Izhevsk. In total:

- 1250 sweet gifts were given out to orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk

- 1500 people saw our Charitable performances on the 25th of December

- more than 70 volunteers took part in preparation and organization of our performances.

ICHC is grateful to everyone who participated! Thanks for donating, helping, organizing, assisting, just for being there for us! We did a great job together!

Moreover, in January we continued working according to our usual programs: we held Clubs for Foster parents at the office, our volunteers kept on making SS classes in Republic Orphanage of Izhevsk, 22 needy families received help with food and clothes at ICHC.

Thank you all for helping us!