The International Center for Hope & Charity

January 2018


21 needy families recieved help with food, clothes, sometimes shoes, diapers and formula for babies

In January ICHC continues to work. We helped 21 needy families of Izhevsk with food, clothes, sometimes shoes, diapers and formula for babies, or medicine when needed. On Wednesday at ICHC we have support groups for women in difficult life situation that work according to the programs "The Most Excellent way" and "Mother's Wisdom". Our volunteers continue to visit with orphans in the Republic orphanage of Izhevsk where they have sort of Sunday school classes: they talk to orphans, ask them different questions, help them reflect on their life and feelings, learn real values of life. Sometimes volunteers just play with orphans if they are too small to do something more serious. But it is always a good time to hang out together, just be friends and have fun. We are thankful to everyone who donates time and efforts to help kids! Thank you! Your contribution is a blessing! Also, we have a Foster parents Club that takes place every month at ICHC. Christian psychologists help foster parents find better and more effective ways to treat their children, teach how to cooperate with teenagers, etc. It is always a good time to think and learn something new.