The International Center for Hope & Charity



7 foster families attended the meeting

Dear friends! 

It seems like we haven’t seen you for ages – as we often say after Christmas and New Year holidays! 

If serious, we’d like to tell you a little about the beginning of 2019 for our center and its staff. First of all, on January 8 we held our charitable Christmas performances for 1450 orphans and children from needy families of Izhevsk. More information and pictures about it see in “Christmas performances” section of our website. 

January became a month of little relief after December Christmas preparation burn out for ICHC team. Plus we had to make the reports for 2018. It took us some time to put the documents in order, but this is how our work is being done. 

At the end of January we held a group of psychological support for 7 moms among foster parents (in the framework of the project “These children are not somebody else’s children” for work with foster families in Izhevsk). Also we restarted the groups of “Mother’s wisdom” and “the Most Excellent Way” after New Year’s holiday. 

We are thankful to everyone who supports us! Thanks for your donations, your prayers, your participation. We couldn’t have done it without you!