The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2005

This month was very intense for ICH. We organized ten-day rest for 27 orphans. Volunteers: students, teachers and psychologist had been preparing for several months. They worked at the plan of the rest thoroughly because they wanted to make this period useful and unforgettable for kids. We hope that they will be able to appreciate it. The last day in the camp was a little sad. Even the most difficult teenagers, who gave troubles to teachers from the beginning, tried to be obliging and attentive.
Our meetings with orphans will recommence in the end of summer. But now we are looking forward to meeting them.

The special program - the financing of a bath-house building for the orphans from Stari-Zjatzi - has been completed now. The financial support totals 90 000 rhubles.

This month 10 needy families were contributed with food, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and medicine.

The Internoit-school # 75 was contributed with a washing machine. They needed it desperately.

Weekly volunteers meet with dependants and children, they visit the charges and help them.