The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2007

Following a long preparatory work, a 10-day “Christian Summer Camp” was held at “The Children’s Center at Selyechka” with 22 orphans in attendance.  This was a splendid time for both the children and the adults.  The subject matter contained topics of: The Creation of Man, Freedom of Choice, The Fall, The Slavery of Sin, Christmas, The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Thanksgiving Day, etc., with special emphasis on the Moral and Ethic Aspects of life and the general points of The History of Christianity.
The camp time was filled with game of: sports, intellectual games, acting, swimming, watching films and the interacting with each other.  In this particular type of interacting, the staff, youth leaders and the children, were blessed with a remarkable time where heart’s were opened and new relationships were born.  Simple children’s warmth was witnessed and the time became rich and rewarding with the aura of trust and bonding.  The first several days were not as relaxed due to psychological moments but afterwards, it all became quiet, stabilized and enjoyment.  New friendships and new relationships between the staff of ICH, the many volunteers and the children were evident.  At the ending of camp, none of the attendees wanted to leave to return to the orphanages.


The office in Votkinsk of “ICH” held camp for children from the needy families in Votkinsk during the week of June 11-22, 2007.  There were 12 children who attended the camp.  The children played games, drew pictures, watched “Super Book”, did needlepoint, made photo frames and other interesting activities.  The staff and volunteers took the “campers” to “The Tchaikovsky Museum”, sailing in a boat on the lake and participated in many group discussions.  Friendships were made and bonding was evident.  All the workers and the children were happy to be at the camp and strong moral and ethic teachings were received with moments of self-evaluating and new ideas discussed and guidance given in each situation. 
ICH assisted 3 orphanages with clothes, toys and books and several needy families with food and clothing apparel.  The Clothes Closet and The Food Pantry at both locations of ICH are used to assist all that come to The Center for assistance.  Thanks to all who support our work and to all that supply funds or items needed to continue assistance to those less fortunate.
May God bless you all!