The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2008

The month of June has been dedicated to preparing for "SUMMER CAMP FOR ORPHANS" which was held June 26 thru July 9 in Selychka. There were 26 attendees ages 11 years old to 17 years old. They are fr om Internoit Orphanage/School #2 in Izhevsk. The camp became a time of discovery of new friends, swimming and several different programs of entertainment were incorporated into the week long discovery. During the week of camp, some inevitable problems appeared and the participants learned how to solve them with the help of the youth leaders.
Each day at camp was devoted to a certain topic: 1. Family life discussions, 2. Individuality of each person, 3. Talents, 4. Freedom and Responsibility, 5. Interaction and Friendship, 6. Saying "NO" to bad habits, 7. Relationships between boys and girls, etc.  Orphans took part in sketches on stage,  in masterclasses of French, cooking, basic make-up, acting technique and so on. Boys helped in falling the firewood, girls - in the kitchen. This time was both interesting and useful for all participants of the camp- leaders and attendees. These days bring bonding between new friends and with the volunteers wh ere teachings from the parables in the Bible help the orphans to understand better how loved they are by our Savior and by loving one another in Godly love. Bibles are given to each child. 


The branch office at Vodkinsk held camp for 12 children from poor families of the city. The camp was held at the office of the Center for Hope. There were 3 meals a day, sport games, art time, bicycling along the park, museum exhibitions, and films at the media room at the Center for Hope. This is a time of bonding and sharing the love that Jesus taught all His disciples, "Love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is the golden rule.

We thank all who help us in our work!

Staff and volunteers "The International Center for Hope" Izhevsk and Vodkinsk, Russia