The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2009


June, 2009 brings many opportunities for ICH. The Center for Hope continues with the clubs: "The Club for Mothers of Disabled Children," "Foster Parenting Club", "The Club for Co-Addicted Women" 
all meet weekly at the Center. Summer meetings in the orphanages of Izhevsk and The Meetings with Graduates are stopped. The Club for Disabled Children continues to meet, also.

Many creative efforts of the workers of The Center for Hope were entered in the writing of a Grant that we sent to Moscow for consideration. ICH did not receive the grant so now, we are preparing a new application for a grant and are asking God to lead us and guide our words and our work in helping us receive this Grant.

At The Center for Hope in Votkinsk, "The Club for Families with many Children" continues to meet. During the meetings, we showed films to the parents about bringing-up a child. The Children were busy with fancy-work. ICH in Votkinsk held a 10 day camp for the children from poor families in the city of Votkinsk. The children played sports, took the excursions, attended a Museum, rode in a motor ship swam and were taught more of the Christian values and the Bible. This is a great time for them and for ICH and volunteers.

During June, 16 families were assisted with food and clothing. Thanks to all who send items to us in Izhevsk at 'The International Center for Hope.