The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2011

The weekly meetings of the Club, "These Children are not Somebody Else's Children continue to meet.  This club is for the training of the Foster Parents of orphans.  The support group for graduates from internoit schools and orphanages continue to meet also.  The volunteers are meeting with these orphans.

Most of the month of June was devoted to the preparation of a new grant project that is for charitable work with orphans that have been released from prison.  This is a new branch of work for ICH. The main purpose of it is social maintenance of these young people, ages 14 years old to 30 years old., who have been released from prison. Their social connections are usually lost and they cannot create them in a healthy way while being locked away in a prison.  More than that, they need to find a place to live and sometimes to work.  However, they do not know how. Their needs are great and ICH is here to help them adjust to life on the outside of prison.

ICH assisted 17 families with food packages, clothes, and shoes from "The Clothes Closet."  Vitamins were also given for the children of these poor families.

The Votkinsk Branch of ICH organized a 10-day camp for 12 children from poor families in the city.  Other than the usual intellectual and sport games, headwork and drawing, the children were taken to a mini zoo in the City of Tchaikovsky.  This town is not far from Votkinsk.  They saw many animals at the zoo.  As the camp came to an end, the children were all given pictures and soft toys as presents.

We say thank you to all who are supporters of our ministry. May God bless each and every one.