The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2015


42 needy families received help with food and clothes

In June 2015 ICH keeps on working. The staff put everything at the office in order after the trip to Selychka for the orphans. We are also making short videos about our work – as a report of how it all went through this year.  

The Clubs stopped working in June – to restart in the fall: the group of self support for coaddicted women made a pause, ICH volunteers ceased seeing orphans in the Republic orphanage of Izhevsk (because orphans are usually in camps in the summer).  

On the 17th of June the meeting of ICH theatre group took place – volunteers discussed new screenplay, distributed parts in a new play for Charitable Christmas project.  

42 needy families of Izhevsk received help with food and clothes at ICH.  

We thank everyone who supports us in our work – in prayers and financially! Thank you so very much – from every person who got assisted at ICH! May the Lord bless you!