The International Center for Hope & Charity

June 2016

In June, 2016, ICH goes on working. We have to finish our season projects and groups to have some rest before a new season. Yet, during the month we helped 23 needy families including 8 families of refugees from Ukraine. Also we helped the Yushkarevs - we bought train tickets to Moscow for their son (and the mother who takes care of him) who has a serious illness called... He needs treatment and rehabilitation course in one of Moscow clinics. The tickets cost 16 000 rub. Besides, we helped a young mother (she is 20 and orphan, and she just had a baby) to buy some formula (1 500 rub) and gave her a food set. Our Clubs for coaddicted women as well as Sunday school classes in the orphanage are over for summer vacation. But we are going to restart meeting in September. We had our Summer Christian camp for 23 orphans at the beginning of June. That was a difficult, but good time for all of those who participated. Our volunteers talked to children from heart to heart and tried to discuss huge topics with them - like friendship, love of God showed through real friends, the truth, responsibility for each one's actions, etc. Also kids were supposed to earn camp money - help adults or work or create something. All they earned they could spend in the Restaurant or a special camp store where they could buy some candy. Everything like in real life. Everybody had fun, and we are so so greatful to our dear volunteers who did so much to make it happen! Thank you!!!