The International Center for Hope & Charity



53 needy families received food, household and hygiene items and diapers for babies

2 family raising a sick child received assistance

In June the International Center for Hope & Charity continues to help needy people with food and household&hygiene items. 53 families of Izhevsk - mostly those who raise many kids and are in difficult life situation - received such assistance in June. For all of them such help is a chance to meet their basic needs and know more abour God's mercy for them.

A young mother from Izhevsk who suffers from a serious disease received support to buy the medicine that is prescribed for her to take weekly. Another woman from Izhevsk whose child is mentally disabled got helped to pay for the rehab for her son.

We thank everyone who helps us this hard times - we see it's essential now even more than any other time as we can show people God's love and reveal Him to them through our deeds. Your support is a blessing for us!