The International Center for Hope & Charity



83 needy families received help with food

62 families of refugees received assistance

21 local needy families got help

3 family raising a handicapped kid received help

Dear friends!

The first summer month is over and this means we are going to tell you about how International Center for Hope & Charity, Izhevsk, worked in June.

It is quite a difficult time now for many countries, but we continue working. We see how significant humanitarian assistance is these days, especially for those who are in need. In June we helped 83 needy families – which is a number of people we usually help in three months. Most of the families were families of refugees from Ukraine. 62 Ukrainian couples with or without kids came to get assisted at ICHC this month. For them we cared to prepare special sets of items according to their wishes and needs found out during personal conversations: we gave them ready-made food, vitamins and hygiene items, clothing if needed.

We feel so sorry for people that happened to go through such hard circumstances, but it is an opportunity for us to try drawing them closer to God’s truth and telling them of His mercy.

We continue praying for peace!

At the beginning of June a meet up for teenagers from foster families of Izhevsk was organized at the office as the end of the school year. Seven young adopted girls came for a visit to hang out together, take part in a foil shaping workshop and just to have fun in a nice company. Two psychologists working with the girls try to gather those girls together regularly to watch the condition of their hearts and minds and of course provide a good psychological care for them.

In June three families who raise children with special abilities addressed us asking for help. We helped two of them pay travel expenses to go to clinics for treatment and rehabilitation and bought special glasses for a handicapped girl.
We are happy to help those kids and just pray that everyone would be well and healthy!

Besides, ICHC theatre group keeps preparing for future Christmas performances that will eventually take place at the beginning of January 2023. Now, the script of the future play is ready and we are working on the costumes design. We pray that nothing would prevent us from fulfilling this beautiful project!

Galina Alieva is speaking: We live far away from military operations. It is quiet here, people are busy with their daily routines: studying, working, gardening. And suddenly we’ve found those who happened to learn what real war was, by our side. They learned the horrors of war and destruction and became refugees from Ukraine, mostly from the city of Mariupol.

The city of Izhevsk, among many cities in Russia, provided the refugees with shelter, clothing and food. They are placed in sanatoriums and recreation houses. They are assisted with paperwork and employment. But those who have lost everything and are glad that they are still alive, need faith in the future, faith that life has not ended there.

Some time ago, our center planned to help refugees during their transition period, when they will start to take care of themselves. But somehow they found their way to ICHC by themselves - now there is a stream of people flowing to ICHC, as it was in 2014. Since March by July 1st, 2022, ICHC assisted 84 families of refugees. We have studied their requests, and now we are purchasing and creating special charitable aid kits for families and single people. Our desire is to encourage them with this help, support their spirits, strengthen their faith in the Lord, tell them about Christ, and interest them in reading the Bible and the Gospel.

Refugees from Ukraine are beautiful, open and talkative people. Our little meetings always lead to a conversation about love for Christ. People who have endured the hardships of hostilities agree: it was God who helped them to survive, although they had not taken faith seriously before. Some gladly take the Gospels, others - there are few of them and mostly people of the older generation - did not part with the Bible in difficult moments of their lives. We can see they are spiritually strong people, but they are missing their motherland so much that they say they still mentally walk around their hometowns.

I pray that God would have mercy on us, strengthen our faith, give repentance to those who don’t know Him yet, give peace and comfort to all of us. And I thank all who pray and financially support our ministry!

We are so grateful to everyone who supports our ministry! A simple Thank You just doesn’t cover the depth of our gratitude. We pray for good health, prosperity and peace for everyone!