The International Center for Hope & Charity

March 2006


On March, all our efforts to purchase a new office place have finally come to the end. We have spent very much time and have done everything in our power to buy the new apartment for the office center – now we are happy to have it! Many people are rejoicing with us and are doing what they can to help in the renewal, because the office place is under repair.

On March, we also have had 2 seminars for the volunteers who are working with adults and children in Izhevsk and in Vodkinsk.


The studies with the addicted women and their kids are going on. The women are getting stronger morally, they change their conduct and what is the most important is that they have begun going to church regularly on Sunday Service. The alcoholics’ children have been visiting the studies only for 2 months, but the changes are evident: they have become more open, freer and less aggressive.

Also we keep on working with the orphans in the boarding school #2 of Izhevsk. The meetings are held twice a week.


As for the branch office of the ICH in the city of Vodkinsk.
On March, we received needy people who came to the office. 10 families (among them those having many children and unwed mothers) were assisted with food and 6 families got assistance with clothes.

On March 28-31, we had a 4-days spring camp for 16 children of different ages (from 6 to 14) from needy families. The first day the children were rather aggressive, but at the end of the camp they changed their relations with each other and got more peaceful and friendly. They played games, watched films and made hand-made articles. Owing to a warm and friendly climate and well-coordinated work of 5 adults, the children were very pleased with being in the camp in a comfortable and favorable atmosphere. Also, they received nice presents.