The International Center for Hope & Charity

March 2008

The International Center for Hope has had a busy month, this March, 2008. The Club for: "FOSTER PARENTS" and the Club for: "MOTHER'S OF DISABLED CHILDREN" meet weekly. The meetings for the graduates of the orphanages and the meetings at the Internoit school #2 of Izhevsk continue as scheduled.
A new group of volunteers to work with orphans at the City Asylum is being formed. ICH psychologists at the Center are instructing and training them how to work with this program. 
The branch office of ICH in Votkinsk continues with the programs and projects that have been adopted and put in progress. Workers assist with the needs of families that are in need of clothing and food items. "THE CLOTHES CLOSET" and "THE FOOD PANTRY" has and is a much needed program. The needy families come to the Center for assistance and the children from these needy families, come to the office after their school day is finished to play with the volunteers, to watch films, to talk about problems, and to be heard.

This month, 2 holidays, "WOMEN'S DAY" and "BIRTHDAY PARTIES" were held for 20 children. Girls took part in competitions; boys were judges and support. At the end of the holiday celebration, tea was served and all participated. During the Birthday party celebration, the "DOLL THEATRE SHOW" was organized for the children and gifts were given to each child.  
14 families were assisted with food and clothes at ICH in Izhevsk.

We are so very thankful for the support and assistance we receive to help in our work here at "THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR HOPE" in Izhevsk and Votkinsk.