The International Center for Hope & Charity



14 needy families received help with food

10 needy families got assisted with a set of hygiene&household items

1 family received diapers for babies

10 adoptive moms attended a course

1 family that raise a handicapped child was assisted

Dear friends!

ICHC continues working in March as before. This month 14 families in need received help with basic alimentary products – standard sets and large sets (for a family with three and more children), 10 families got a set of hygiene & household items and one family with a baby got a big pack of diapers.

At the end of the month a meet-up for foster mothers – Foster parents Club members – took place in ICHC office. Also, there was a big gathering for ICHC Theatre group where our volunteers could discuss and brainstorm the ideas for future Christmas project.

More than that, ICHC bought contact lens for a handicapped girl from Izhevsk. And the boy named Fedya suffering from children’s cerebral palsy, who ICHC have been helping recently, finished a postoperative rehab course and now can take up to 7 steps all by himself! We’re so proud of him!

We thank everyone who is involved with our activities personally, financially or in prayer! Your support means a lot to us! Thank you!