The International Center for Hope & Charity

March 2005

As usual, the work is not at a standstill at our Center. March turned out to be a very saturated month. Some medicine and vitamins were bought for the children of the Intrnoit- School # 2. 16 families received assistance with the help of food and clothes

One of the business people has made a decision to give a regular financial support to our Center. This will let us help three more families who are in great need every month.

This month, The International Center for Hope received a grant fr om Sweden in order to fulfill the project "The Home Wh ere Love Lives". This program has already been put into operation. Two psychologists have been hired and each has started working with groups, which have formed from the people whose family members have chemical dependence. The psychologists work with adults and children from these families and with orphaned children. A group of volunteers is being trained with them also. Later on, the volunteers will also work with such families.

The Theater Group Parable, who do performances for our Center, finishes its work on the play that was adapted from the film, "A Walk to Remember." The children of many orphanages and children's homes will be able to watch during the Easter week. Easter week will be May 1 here in Russia.