The International Center for Hope & Charity

May 2005


It was the most difficult and important month for ICH.

The theatre studio of ICH put on the stage a new performance "Hasten to love" (based on the feature film "A walk to Remember") that was performed for children in Internoit-schools of Izhevsk and Stari-Zjatzi.

We celebrated "The Day of Kindness and Light" in May. 20 orphans fr om the Internoit-school #2 and the Municipal orphanage participated in it. We have been preparing for it for a year! Our weekly meetings, where kids have a nice time and become acquainted with Christian values, are the preparatory stage for this celebration, because only the kindest and the most merciful kids may be the participants of it. Kids themselves choose the candidates for participation in the celebration. The kids together with the fairy characters, helping each other, got over many interesting negotiations. As usual we prepared for them the "royal" food and good presents.

In the end of the month we celebrated our first anniversary. ICH has existed for 5 years now! The orphanages' and Internoit-schools' representatives and the representatives from the city administration visited our celebration.

We showed them a film about ICH and told them what we had done for 5 years and presented to them a new charitable program "Home wh ere Love Lives"  (We are working at it now). The theatre studio entertained the quests with dancing and songs.

This month 10 needy families were contributed with food, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and medicine.