The International Center for Hope & Charity

May 2006

May is always a great month for us at ICH. We have the annual "Celebration of Kindness Day," where peers choose who has been the kindest during this past school year. It has been a wonderful event and this May, we had 22 orphans fr om the Orphanage/Internoit School #2 to participate in the fun and festivities. The children were wisked from the city of Izhevsk and into the "Kingdom of Kindness" wh ere they participated in games, had lots of food to enjoy, sing a longs, played football and volleyball, talked with each other and received excellent gifts. It was a great day full of joy and happiness for everyone who took part in it.
This month, the staff of ICH visited the orphanage/internoit school #75 in Izhevsk. This orphanage was one of the first that we started visiting in 1999 and our friendship with the director and teachers has blossomed into a wonderful bond between us and them. We presented them with toys and sports kits as gifts and made a sizable donation toward school building/orphanage repairs. They are always glad to visit with us and we always have a wonderful tea time with them.
As before, the meetings with groups of co-addicted women and their children were held with our volunteers leading the meetings. This program is really progressing nicely. Also, the SS classes with the children from Internoit/Orphanage #2 continue to grow in number and in fellowship. At the present time, we are preparing for summer camp. These children that attend the SS classes really are excited about the camp and so are we. It will be held in Selychka and will take place in June.

During May, 2006, the staff of ICH assisted 9 needy families with food and clothing. Although our office is still being repaired, we are still able to assist those that come in with food and clothing and fellowship. Every passing day the office of ICH is becoming more and more cozy.

In May, ICH of Vodkinsk sorted out supplies of clothing and toys that were donated by folks in Izhevsk within the frame work of the City action, "Help the Child." The items were distributed to different institutions in Vodkinsk, "The House of Child," Orphanage of Vodkinsk, Auxiliary School, Kama Children's Home, Sharkan Boarding school in the village of Lyalshur, Sharkan region and into two Children's Homes of the region of Kez. The staff and the orphans of these institutions were so very happy and grateful for the attention and the help. It does not take much to bring a smile to these children. We are blessed to have the opportunity to do this task.

ICH in Vodkinsk assisted 4 needy families with food supplies, toys and clothing.

5 SS meetings were held for the children from needy families at the ICH Center in Vodkinsk. They are held at "The Children Leisure Time Center" which is at our Center at ICH in Vodkinsk. The children watched videos about friendship, played sports and held conversations with each other. We are trying to build close and friendly relations with every child because it is so good to have friends!

Our thanks to everyone that helped and for caring.