The International Center for Hope & Charity

May 2008

In May the International Center for Hope’s work was aimed at preparations for the Celebration of Light and Kindness in two variants – for orphans (May, 24) and for disabled children (May, 31). 25 orphans fr om two children homes of Izhevsk attended the first Celebration. The kids needed to be kind and merciful during the school year in order to get to this holiday. All together orphans had to overcome many obstacles and pass tests on the way to the Kingdom of Light and Kindness. The competitions were for the most part in sports, quick wits, singing and acting. They are aimed at teaching kids to be a good team, to support each other, to make common decisions. After overcoming all the obstacles children get to the Kingdom of Light and Kindness wh ere they meet the King and the Queen of Light and Kindness that invite them to the feast and give beautiful presents.
On May 31, 11 disabled children came to the Celebration with their mothers, and all together they passed through the competitions and looked for the treasure that was buried by the pirates. When they attained the Kingdom they had the beautiful meal, songs, dances and gifts.

In May the Clubs for graduates from orphanages, for foster parents, for disabled children’s mothers took place, as well as the meetings for orphans at two orphanages of Izhevsk. The training for volunteers and the club for coaddicted women finished in May. 
8 poor families received help with food, vitamins and clothes.

At the branch office of ICH, Votkinsk, there were held two holidays devoted to the Year of Family declared in Russia. The holidays for poor families of Votkinsk and the village of Sharkan took place on May 10 and 15. The table was laid and the concert program was prepared for the families. Each of them received a food set as a gift. On May 31 ICH Votkinsk organized the Birthday party for kids from poor families. 9 kids received gifts, candies and toys.

Thanks to everyone that helps us!